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About Us

Profile of Yuri Enga Enterprises

Established and Registered in 1996 under the companies registration laws of Ghana, We are a leading Producer / Exporter of 100% Natural Health Care and cosmetics products which include premium unrefined Shea butter, Black [Herbal} Soap,[Spices/Seasoners-Black pepper (piper Guineese),Ethiopina Pepper{Xylopia Aethiopica} melegueta (Aframomum melegueta) Grains of paradise, the West African locust bean (parkia clappertoniana) and products from the Baobab tree ( Adansonia Digitata) and the famous Bolga Baskets.

Further more, we have grown year by year and now also offer services which include trade consultations sourcing/ procurement for the international trading community as well as tourism and promotion of Artist/Musicians, with our international trade in Natural Health and cosmetics products remaining our priority.

On the domestic scene, we are commercial representatives of Rural women’s groups/ communities who undertake shea butter processing and basket weaving assisting them to reach international markets with their products at fair rewards,{Eliminating Exploitative Middlemen} in line with our objective of providing significant employment in the North of Ghana in order to combat high rural poverty which combined with the fragile Agro-Ecological environment make their contribution, a crucial element in the survival of the rural, populations.

Our shea butter was tested / analysed by the American Shea Butter Institute in 2004 and was Graded / Certified Grade “A” premium.

We are members in good standing of the American Chamber Of Commence Ghana and are registered with Trade Facilitation Office Canada and Danish Import Promotion Organisation.(DIPO).